Music Recordings

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Vocal Solos by Beth Sonnenberg

Below are audio recordings of Beth’s work as a soloist in various settings.

Included are selections from a studio recording of worship songs with background vocals and band, a live recording from a classical music concert with choral ensemble and organ, and a live recording of a medley of worship songs with full choir and orchestra.

Celebrate Jesus! (Studio recording)

Celebrate Jesus! is a studio recording of worship songs with background vocalists Glenn Davis, Joann Guttman, Mary Nyenhuis and Lisa Register and guitarist John Cottle. All other instrumentals arranged, performed and recorded by Jon and Joann Guttman. Beth wrote the song “Beautiful and Holy.”

Oh, I Want to Know You More (Steve Fry)

And We Worship You with Shout to the Lord (Randy and Terry Butler, Darlene Zschech

Arms of Love (Craig Musseau)

Beautiful and Holy (Beth Sonnenberg)

Sacred Classics: Myrtle Grove Master Chorale & Guests (Live concert)

Sacred Classics features Beth’s more classical side with a live 12-voice choral ensemble and organ.

Laudate Dominum from Vesperae solennes de confessore, K.339 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). Organist: Joann Guttman, Vocal Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

We Will Worship (The Music of Dennis Jernigan): Myrtle Grove Celebration Choir and Orchestra (Live concert)

We Will Worship illustrates Beth’s ability to sing and ad lib with a live 40-voice choir and orchestra.

Who Can Satisfy My Soul with At the Name of Jesus, We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory and You Are My All in All. Vocal Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

2 Responses to Music Recordings

  1. Kathy Sanders says:

    Thank you Beth for posting these recordings! I have always loved to hear your
    Voice in song!! God has given you a beautiful talent and you have honored him
    Wonderfully with these recordings. Made me feel like I was back home again, in
    One of the Mrytle Groves beautiful worship service! Much love and God’s Blessing
    On you and Dan and your Ministry!


  2. Obed Michel says:

    So amazing! I AM BLESSED.


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